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Followings are the contents of the recent issues.  They are provided in PDF format.

File Vol. 79-4
July 2017 / Collected Papers on Snow and Ice Properties; Reviews [Nuclear magnetic resonance studies on gas hydrates]
File Vol. 79-3
May 2017
File Vol. 79-2
March 2017 / Research Note [Density of snow drifts forming on the windward side of an obstruction]
File Vol. 79-1
January 2017 / Collected Papers on Satellite Remote Sensing; Original Article [Temporal variations in the flow velocity for Shirase Glacier in Antarctica over a 20-year period]
File Vol. 78-6
December 2016 / Collected Papers on Satellite Remote Sensing; Original Article [Winter-spring transition of ground conditions over Alaska derived by airborne 6 GHz microwave and infrared observations]
File Vol. 78-5
September 2016 / Original Article [A Method for Estimating Snow Transport Rates during Blowing Snow with Snowfall]
File Vol. 78-4
July 2016 / Original Article [Airborne 6 GHz passive microwave observation of winter ground conditions in Alaska]
File Vol. 78-3
May 2016 / Report [Annual maximum snow depth along the altitudinal gradient and snow cover period on the subalpine zone of Mt. Fuji, in Japan]
File Vol. 78-2
March 2016 / Report [On the Portfolio of Oil and Sumi-e Ink Paintings by Dr. Ukichiro Nakaya]
File Vol. 78-1
January 2016 / Original Article [Heat exchange characteristics between stored snow and water flowing through bottom layer of the snow]
File Vol. 77-6
November 2015 / Original Article [Shear strength of new deposited snow in cold regions of mountainous heavy snowfall area and of inland light snowfall area]
File Vol. 77-5
September 2015 / Original Article [Occurrence tendency of heavy rainfall or snowfall in the inland district of Japan in winter]
File Vol. 77-4
July 2015 / Original Articles [Characteristics of snowfalls and snow crystals caused by two extratropical cyclones passing along the Pacific Ocean side of Japan on February 8 and 14-15 observed in Niigata district, 2014 ─ in relation to frequent occurrence of avalaches in Kanto-Koshin areas─],[Observation and snow load evaluation of heavy snowfall in Tokyo urban area on February 2014]
File Vol. 77-3
May 2015 / Original Article [Development of snow water equivalent estimation model for mesh agricultural meteorological data]
File Vol. 77-2
March 2015 / Original Article [Development of an automatic image analysis method for recognizing sea ice conditions on the Arctic Ocean]
File Vol. 77-1
January 2015 / Original Articles [Validation of the SNOWPACK model using snow pit observation data[,[Formation and persistence of snow instability associated with precipitation-induced weak layer that causedMumeizawa avalanche accident]
File Vol. 76-6
November 2014 / Review [Success and challenges of avalanche prediction using numerical snowpack model]
File Vol. 76-5
September 2014 / Original Article [History of the change in size of snow control facilities in Japan]
File Vol. 76-4
July 2014 / Original Article [Snow density measurement method for thin weak layers using a rectangular snow sampler]
File Vol. 76-3
May 2014 / Original Article [Study of the extent of damage to a subalpine forest by large-scale snow avalanches and estimation of the avalanche velocity on Mt. Iwate, Japan during winter 2010-11]
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