General Information

General Information

Aims and Scope

Bulletin of Glaciological Research (BGR), published by the Japanese Society of Snow and Ice (JSSI), is an international, multi- and interdisciplinary scientific journal dedicated to the publication of research articles and reports on all aspects of snow and ice, which has been distributed in 30 countries worldwide since 1973. In 2010, JSSI decided to change over from a print journal to an open-access online journal to broaden the international distribution and ensure the prompt delivery of scientific and technical information. Papers that pass the peer-review process are immediately published on the BGR website and then listed on the J-STAGE site. Since 2018, BGR is included in the Emerging Source Citation Index (ESCI), so that papers can now be searched in the Web of Science.

Subjects covered by BGR are:

■Blowing/drifting snow
■Climate related to snow and ice
■Cosmoglaciology (planetary glaciology)
■Crystals of snow and ice
■Frozen ground
■Ice/snow accretion
■Ice core analysis
■Ice sheet dynamics
■Meteorology/hydrology related to snow and ice
■Physics and chemistry of snow and ice
■Sea ice
■Snow cover
■Snow and ice engineering
■Snow and ice hazards














Editorial Policy of BGR

We intend to publish three types of papers;
1. Articles, containing original scientific materials and results, not submitted for publication elsewhere,
2. Reports, containing preliminary results, and reports on activities of general interest,
3. Reviews, containing an overview of previous work, or a future outlook of a specific category.
Each of them will be peer-reviewed.


Editorial Board


Editor-in-Chief : Yoshihiro Tachibana
Editors: Kenji Kosugi
Konosuke Sugiura
Naoko Nagatsuka
Kunio Watanabe
Satoshi Takeya
Tomonori Tanikawa
Kazuki Nakamura
Tatsuo Shirakawa
Takayuki Nuimura
Shuji Fujita
Koichi Watanabe










Review process of BGR

1. When manuscripts have been received by the Editor-in-Chief, an acknowledgement of receipt will be sent to the author(s) via e-mail. The Editor-in-Chief chooses an editor to handle the manuscript review.
2. The submitted manuscript will be subjected to screening review for its scope, novelty, completeness, English level, and conformation to the BGR policy. A manuscript not passing the screening review will immediately be returned to the authors.
3. The editor in charge will select expert reviewers to evaluate the manuscript.
4. As a result of the review, if the editor decides that the paper needs revision by the author(s), the manuscript will be returned to the authors for revision.
5. Manuscripts returned to authors for revision should be resubmitted promptly. If the revision cannot be finished within three months, the manuscript will be regarded as having been withdrawn.
6. The Editor-in-Chief will finally decide whether or not to accept the manuscript for publication.


Paper Submission

Submission Guideline

All manuscripts should be submitted in digital format (PDF or WORD) with the BGR submission sheets (PDF or WORD, distributed on the BGR website) by email or by mail (CD with a printed manuscript) to the BGR Editorial Board


BGR Editorial Board

Japanese Society of Snow and Ice

c/o International Academic Publishing Co., Ltd.
358-5 Yamabukicho, Shinjuku-ku
Tokyo 162-0801, Japan
Phone: +81-3-5937-0356, Fax: +81-3-3368-2822


Publication Charge

Authors, or their institutions, are requested to pay the publication charge according to the following rate when the paper is accepted.
¥5,500/(printed page)



Copyright for an article submitted to BGR is transferred to the Japanese Society of Snow and Ice when the article is published in BGR in any form.


Preparation of manuscripts

1. Text

a) The manuscript should be formatted in the international size A4, with double spacing and wide margins.

b) The first page should include the title, the name(s) of the author(s), and their affiliations. If possible, a Japanese translation of the title and the name(s) of the author(s) should be provided. If they are not, the translation will be undertaken by the BGR editorial board.

c) An abstract not exceeding 250 words must be provided for all manuscripts.

d) Up to five keywords that describe the paper must be provided for indexing purposes.

2. References
References in the text will include the name(s) of the author(s), followed by the year of publication in parentheses, e.g. (Clarke, 2003), (Li and Sturm, 2002), (Harrison et al., 2001). A list of cited references should be arranged alphabetically. Refer to this issue of the BGR for examples of citations and journal abbreviations. If the abbreviation is not known, then the full title of the journal should be used in the reference list.

3. Units
Numerical units should conform to the International System (SI). Units should be in the form as m s-1, not as m/s.

4. Tables
Tables should be compiled on separate sheets. A title and a short explanation should be provided for each table, and they should be referred to in the text. Efforts should be made to make the size of the tables correspond to BGR’s format (max. 172 x 254 mm).

5. Figures

a) All illustrations including photographs should be numbered consecutively and referred to in the text.

b) All illustrations should be of good quality. If photographs are printed on glossy papers, the figure number and the name(s) of the author(s) should be written on the back of prints (in pencil).

c) Figure captions should be typed on a separate sheet following the text.

d) Authors are requested to construct their figures so that the figure is adequate for either one column (81 mm wide) or two columns (172 mm wide).


Reprographic Reproduction outside Japan

Making a copy of this publication

Please obtain permission from the following Reproduction Right Organizations (RROs) to which the copyright holder has consigned the management of the copyright regarding reprographic reproduction. Obtaining permission to quote, reproduce; translate, etc. Please contact the copyright holder directly.


Users in countries and regions where there is a local RRO under bilateral contract with Japan Academic Association for Copyright Clearance (JAACC)

Users in countries and regions of which RROs are listed on the following website are requested to contact the respective RROs directly to obtain permission.


Japan Academic Association for Copyright Clearance (JAACC)

Address 9-6-41 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0052 Japan


E-mail    Fax: +81-33475-5619

History of BGR


Twenty-seven years ago, in 1973, the Data Center for Glacier Research, Japanese Society of Snow and Ice, published a so-called Blue Book, which discussed the research needs for glacier studies and the problems to be solved in particular in the Nepal Himalayas. The publication provided a basis of the Japanese activities in glacier research not only in the Himalayas but also in other areas of the world, although it did not attract attention worldwide because it was written in Japanese. Following the Blue Book, the Data Center published two volumes of collected papers written in English: “Glacial Studies in Langtang Valley: Report of the Glacier Boring Project 1981-82 in the Nepal Himalayas” and “Glaciological Studies in Patagonia Northern Icefield 1983-1984”, published in 1984 and 1985 respectively. With increasing demands for publishing Japanese activities and results on glacier studies, we decided to publish a periodical in English once or twice a year, and the first issue of “Bulletin of Glacier Research” was published in 1987. It was the fourth publication by the Data Center, and the most recent BGR achieved the publication No. 16, published in 1998. During the 12 years, BGR attracted attention from other countries as well, and several papers were contributed from abroad, in particular, Asian countries.

New Bulletin

Recent environmental problems became a global issue, in which glaciers play important roles. At the same time, however, studies of glaciers alone would not be sufficient, and it was suggested to widen the scope of the bulletin. The council of the Japanese Society of Snow and Ice, with which the Data Center for Glacier Research is associated, agreed to publish a new bulletin which covers the entire research field of the Society, partly because the society has not published a journal written in English. Taking into account the success of BGR, it was also suggested that the editors for previous BGRs succeed to edit the new bulletin at least for the time being, although the members of the editorial board would be modified depending upon the evolution of the categories of submitted papers for the forthcoming issues.

Bulletin of Glaciological Research

The new bulletin, called “Bulletin of Glaciological Research” and abbreviated BGR as for the previous bulletin, was started in 2000. Following No. 16 of the latest issue of Bulletin of Glacier Research, the first issue was to be Volume 17 of Bulletin of Glaciological Research. We invite new articles and reports to highlight the recent progress in the fields of snow and ice studies. As stated above, we wish to broaden the scope of the bulletin, and any study of polar and alpine science may be included. It is hoped that the bulletin can play a role in introducing Asian scientific activities worldwide, and can be of further interest and use for the readers (April, 2000).

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