Notice to participants

1. To prepare your presentation in the symposium, please take a look the guideline at Program page.

2. The venue is a brand-new building just opened the last April. You may not find the venue in old maps of Kyoto city. The name of the venue is “Rekisaikan” or “Kyoto Institute, Library and Archives”, located in the campus of Kyoto Prefectural University. You can find a signpost around the nearby subway station “Kitayama” (station id: K03). When you arrive at the Kitayama subway station, get out from Exit 1, then go to south along the street.

3. Please don’t bring food or drink in the conference hall, which is not allowed in the venue, except in a refresh room nearby the poster hall. We are very sorry for that. The conference refreshment will be provided at the Deli Café Tamago in the next building of the venue.

4. Please don’t make a noise, speak loudly, or use cell phone outside oral or poster halls because the public library and university offices are located at the upper levels of the venue. But, we do encourage exciting discussions inside oral and poster halls.

5. Photograph is not allowed in the venue, but we have a permission to take photographs. Please consult the LOC staff when you wish to take a photograph in the venue.

6. Lunch is available at the Deli Café Tamago (open at 11:00 – 14:00 from Mon to Sat) or local restaurants located nearby the venue. You can find the location of the restaurants in the map we provided. The restaurants may provide only menu in Japanese, but just try to communicate with them, who are generally very friendly to foreign tourists. Please feel free to ask the LOC staffs if you need support to use the restaurants.

7. You can have dinner at the local restaurants. A number of restaurants is located around the subway station “Kitayama” or downtown of Kyoto city. We will provide the information.

8. If you wish to connect wifi network, please use “eduroam” (international education roaming service), which is available in the venue. To connect the eduroam, you need to register at your institute and get your own id and password. We can’t issue eduroam id for this symposium. You may also connect the public wifi of Kyoto city in the venue. But, the Kyoto city wifi is less secure and there is a limitation of the number of users in the venue.

Detail guide to Rekisaikan

The venue, “Kyoto Institute, Library and Archives”, or “Rekisaikan” of Kyoto Prefectural University.

Exit 1 of Kitayama Subway station (K03), go to south along this street. It takes 5 min walk to the venue.

When you get out the gate of Kitayama station, you can go to Exit 1.

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