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The Japanese Society of Snow and Ice

Welcome to the center of research activities on glaciology (snow and ice) in Japan.

The society was established in 1939 as "Japanese Association of Snow and Ice" and reformed to "the Japanese Society of Snow and Ice" in 1955. It has obtained non-profit corporation status from the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture (now the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology) in 1993.


Special Interest Groups:

  • Data Center for Glacier Research
  • Polar Glaciology
  • Ground Freezing
  • Avalanche
  • Snow and Ice Physics
  • Satellite Glaciology
  • Snow and Ice Engineering
  • Snow and Ice Chemistry
  • Glaciological Meteorology and Hydrology
  • Blowing Snow


What's new in the English section

File Vol. 74-6
November 2012 / Research Note [Water flow control of ice regelation and estimation of thickness and viscosity of water film]
File Vol.73-6
November 2011 / Original Article [Flow field observations near the melting front of an ice plate that simulates shark-skin morphology ]
File Vol. 74-5
September 2012 / Report [On the verification of the so-called “Water Crystals”]
File Vol. 74-4
July 2012 / Discussion [Reply to "comments on curl" by R. Naruse]
File Vol. 74-3
May 2012 / Original Article [Identifying active glaciers in Mt. Tateyama and Mt. Tsurugi in the northern Japanese Alps, central Japan]
File Vol. 74-2
March 2012 / Original Article [Influence of different surface soils on snow-water content and snow type of the snow cover]
File Vol. 74-1
January 2012 / Original Articles [Morphology of artificial snow crystals from -4℃ to -40℃ using a convection chamber with the "FINEDEW" chilled mirror hygrometer], [Dependence of tensile fracture strength of high-density wet snow on density and liquid-water content]
File Vol.73-4
July 2011 / [Wind tunnel experiment of an electrostatic charge of blowing-snow particles focusing on collision frequency to the snow surface],[Development of automatic detection system of road freezing conditions using microwave rediometer]
File Vol.73-5
September 2011 / Original Articles [Snow algae at the summit of Mt. Ibuki, Shiga-prefecture, Japan],[Estimation of winter precipitation at a mountainous site by snow chemical analysis],[Concentrations of ionic constituents, formaldehyde and hydrogen peroxide in snow cover at Murododaira, Mt. Tateyama],[Sr and Nd stable isotopes of mineral dust and organic matter(cryoconite) on Asian glaciers],[Formulation on changes in chloride concentration of solid ice in snowpack during partial melting],[Evaluation of interactions of gaseous organic compounds with ice]
File Vol.73-3
May 2011 / Report [Explanation of the curving motion of curling stones]
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